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Other than food, there is an other nice article I’d like to share with you. Accidentally, this company is dutch as well. It doesn’t has a relation with food or agriculture, but is more related on games, boardgames and cardgames. The company is called TheGameFreak.nl . Because the site is dutch, I’ll give a quote in dutch as well:

TheGameFreak.nl is een site die online spellen verkoopt. Van bordspel tot kaartspel. Alles wordt online verkocht. Dat wil dus zeggen dat het binnen 2 werkdagen in huis bezorgd is. En achteraf betalen is mogelijk.

What is food security?

Food security is related to terms like the World Health Organization (WHO) and more. This describes food security:

Food security refers to the availability of food and one’s access to it. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation. It is a measure of resilience to future disruption or unavailability of critical food supply due to various risk factors including droughts, shipping disruptions, fuel shortages, economic instability, wars, etc. The USDA estimates the nearly 9 out of 10 U.S households were food secure throughout 2005. Although countries may desire a high self-sufficiency rate to avoid transport risks, this may be difficult to achieve especially for wealthy countries, generally due to higher regional production costs.

Source: Wikipedia.org

Promotional other than food – clothing

First of all, I’d like to add an promotional article, about a company in the clothing industries. The company is called pyjama online. It is a dutch company. Because it’s dutch, I’ll do the promotion in dutch and try to translate it.

Pyjama online is een bedrijf dat zich richt op pyjama’s, badjassen en pantoffels. We verkopen dit tegen een betaalbare prijs, maar van zeer goede kwaliteit. Meer informatie over de pyjama soorten die wij verkopen? Bekijk onze site.

Global food projections to 2020

An interesting article about global food security is written by Rosegrant, M. W.; Paisner, M. S.; Meijer, S.; Witcover, J. It is called: Global food projections to 2020: emerging trends and alternative futures.

It goes about: The International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT), developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is described. Recent historical trends in the global and regional food situation are reviewed, followed by an overview of the baseline demand and supply projections, including projections of crop area harvested and crop yields, food demand, price and trade projections for these commodities, and the effects of these projections on childhood malnutrition. Alternative regional and global scenarios, including optimistic and pessimistic paths for the future world food situation, are explored.

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